A seiðjallr, high seat used for the practice of seiðrThe Pythia of Delphi on Her TripodSince humans first became conscious beings we have sought to foresee the future and make wise choices. Every culture has some kind of oracular practice, from the pythia of Delphi and the völva of the Viking Age to the nabhi of ancient Israel and the nakaza of Japan. Today, modern seers are seeking to rediscover ancient techniques and develop a practice that will serve the community as the oracles did of old.

The Way of the OracleAt long last, after twenty-five years of study and practice, Diana’s long-awaited second book on trance techniques, The Way of the Oracle, is on occult bookstore shelves across the US! With this new volume, released in March of 2012, learn how the Pythia at Delphi in Greece, a travelling spæ-wife of the ancient North, or a fili of the elder lands of the Celts practiced their craft, as well as a straightforward guide to how to cultivate a similar practice within your own community.Trance-Portation, listed below, is strongly recommended as a companion volume. As with Trance-Portation, The Way of the Oracle is tradition-agnostic, a guide for any who would seek to know in order that they may serve…and seek to serve in order that they may know.

Avaiable through Red Wheel/Weiser Books.

Trance-PortationBefore we learn how to see for the people, it is critical to learn how to harness our own consciousness to ensure clear perception of ourselves and others. Trance-Portation, Diana’s first book on practical, tradition-neutral, trance techniques is the first step along that road. First published in 2007, it has remained in print as a guide not only for the beginner, but the experienced practitioner who would like a little “continuing education” to round out her or his skill set.It is available through Red Wheel/Weiser Books.


For decades, Diana and several assistants have taught workshops across North America and Europe in these techniques. While three days of study, however intense, won’t make you a seiðkona or an oracle, you’ll be taught the basic skills needed to set you on your way—and get a chance to not only watch an experienced team in action, but to try out your new skills on your fellow students!

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Articles and Essays:

By Diana L. Paxson:

  • About Oracles: A brief essay describing oracles through the ages.
  • The Oracle: A longer essay on oracles, originally published in SageWoman.
  • The Return of the Völva: The seminal essay on the recovery of seiðr, the shamanistic and oracular practice of the ancient North.
  • Sex, Status, and Seiðr: An essay on sex, gender, gender roles, and the parts these play in exploration of the current modern heathen revival in general, and the reinvention of seidh in particular. Originally published in Idunna, the quarterly journal of the Troth, a heathen organization.

By Lorrie Wood:

  • On Warding: Working on the Edge: Originally written as an appendix for Trance-Portation, this is a handy guide to the unsung heroes of many trance events: the warders.

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