Trance-PortationFrom the Publisher:

The ability to move from the ordinary into an altered state of consciousness is one of the most valuable skills in both magic and religion. From the ceremonial magician to the shaman, using trance work to explore inner realms is essential to the magical process of healing, transcendence, and wisdom desired throughout diverse occult and spiritual traditions. Trance-Portation offers a comprehensive and multi-spirited way to enter the inner realm.

Blending the modern world with the ancient arts, Trance-Portation‘s first three chapters, “Travel Planning”, “Crossing the Threshold”, and “Getting Started”, offer preparatory suggestions including meditations and relaxations, breathing, warding, shifting gears, and returning. Drawing on examples from varied traditions, from Western Mystery to Native American, Ancient Celtic to Eastern Mysticism, and peppered with folklore and tales from popular science fiction stories, Trance-Portation explores spiritual journey work extensively, offering readers the chance to find their own ways into the inner realm, encounter their own guides and fellow travelers, and establish relationships with the powers they may meet.

Where Can I Find It?

Trance-Portation should be available at your local pagan or occult bookstore–if yours doesn’t have it, tell them you want Trance-Portation by Diana L. Paxson, published by Red Wheel/Weiser, ISBN 9781578634057.

If you don’t have a local occult or pagan bookstore, you can always order directly from the publisher.

What Are Others Saying About It?

“Diana Paxson seems to be working her way from being a writer of enjoyable historic and mythic fantasy to being a teacher of core skills in Pagan magic and spirituality.”
–Ian Corrigan, former Arch-Druid of the ADF

Trance-Portation belongs on every Pagan and occultist’s bookshelf; it’s destined to become a classic of the field. Diana Paxson’s down-to-earth style speaks directly to real people with real problems–racing thoughts, distractibility, over-sensitivity–and lets them know that they, too, can achieve trance states that will enrich their spiritual lives.”
— Deborah Lipp, author of The Study of Witchcraft and The Way of Four.

“Diana L. Paxson has written a travel guide for out of the body experiences…I recommend this book without hesitation. It is full of useful information on trance and out of the body experiences. You will be surprised at the remarkable information you will discover for your personal use in this memorable book.”
— Chris Richardson,

“[I]n almost 30 years of paranormal and magical study, I have never encountered a more complete and fully applicable instruction manual for trancework and astral travel, as well as many other considerations that come into play when we begin exploring words beyond our own physical landscape.”
— Katrina Rasbold, Editor, The Diva Digest

“Given her extensive work in trance work, particularly (though not exclusively) being a founder of modern seidr practice, Diana L. Paxson is an excellent person to be writing an in-depth guide to deliberately achieving altered states of consciousness…. Trance-Portation is a cover-to-cover guide that will be useful to just about any neopagan, neoshaman, or other person wanting help in journeying, astral travel, lucid dreaming, and similar practices. It’s one I’ll be recommended to my own students, and one that I think will be indispensible to most of the people who pick it up.”
— Lupa, author of Fang and Fur, Blood and Bone: A Primal Guide to Animal Magic

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